Coming up on September 10th at 6PM, Insured Financial Wealth will be hosting Mr. Nick Fortune as he presents his strategies for this exclusive gathering.  Again, on September 10th at 6PM, Insured Financial Wealth will be hosting the event and seats are limited.  Please contact Mike Delmonico at Insured Financial Wealth  508 278 7488 to register or go to our web site  Insured Financial Wealth LLC . com to register on line.  This is a limited engagement so contact me now at 508 278 7488 or register on line at Insured Financial Wealth LLC . com

Date: September 10th, 6 PM Location: The Chateau Restaurant at 95 Turnpike Rd, Westborough, MA 01581

Nick Fortune is an inventor and intellectual creator for many asset protection and wealth strategy patents. He is a frequent guest on a variety of talk and news shows. For the last 22 years, Mr. Fortune has spoken for some of the largest real estate gurus and wealth building organizations in the world and continues to be an adviser to the same. Nick is the CEO of The Fortune Law , a 31-year national conglomerate encompassed of legal, tax, financial, and business consulting professionals. 

“How to Legally Invest in Anything 100% Tax Free With the Blessing of the IRS”(Not  a Self-Directed Roth IRA and not a 1035 exchange)

 This is the ONE event that you just cannot afford to miss this year!(Doing so will cost you $1000’s) 

Asset Protection Strategies of the Ultra-Wealthy Revealed:                What the Top 1% Do, That YOU Can too and what you MUST do THIS year you didn’t do last year! 

Learn What Your CPA is not Telling You and Why! 

Investors… if you are doing the same things this year as you did last year; be prepared to get out your wallet next April!The game has changed; the way you invest, how you invest, and what you invest in has changed based on the Tax Code!Things that were once deductible are no longer depending on how you are structured and take money! 

Legally Reduce your Tax liability By 30-50%Learn how to protect your assets from creditors and predators alike.

Learn how to buy and sell real estate 100% tax free!Learn how to deal with the new Trump tax rules and 138 deductions that have disappeared for investors and business owners.

Create a tax free perpetual wealth legacy for you and family for generations! Learn how to legally virtually eliminate State Income tax.

Learn how to keep more of your hard earned money…period! 

Come see if the way you do business would hold up to an IRS Audit or a Civil Lawsuit (and how to defend yourself from either)

Bonus Material- Learn how to legally avoid taking Required Minimum  Distributions on a Qualified Plan!

Financial advisors tell you that you MUST take Required Minimum Distribution and we would agree with them; except than we would BOTH be wrong. New laws in the Trump Tax Plan along with existing strategies allow you to almost completely eliminate having to PAY required RMD’s (Required Minimum Distributions). This is NOT a roll out plan to a Roth OR a conversion requiring tax. NO taxable event is involved in this program.

Come listen how our Firm will allow you to take advantage of this program and save your retirement from thousands of dollars of unnecessary tax and allow you to start buying and selling Real Estate 100% tax FREE NOT using a ROTH!