Insured Financial Wealth is truly a super star in the finance/retirement/savings corner of the world. As the former head football coach at both Hofstra and at Brown and then as the director of admissions at the New England Institute of Technology in Warwick, RI, I accrued significant retirement savings through various financial modalities. And of course, I have also had many folks trying to tell me what to do with all of it.Well, once I met Mike at IFW, magic surfaced. I met Mike about 20-plus years ago. I found him fascinating, honest, no-nonsense, smart, creative and loyal. His personal interest and professional skills underscored his customer first and everything else second philosophy. Before long, I began to listen more closely to Mike and his ideas. I also clearly observed his success with others who I knew who worked with him. In light of that interest and Mike’s obvious success, I put every penny of my retirement monies into Mike’s hands and have never looked back. I asked Mike one question and his answer sold me. I challenged Mike to think of my monies as he would his own mother’s. I asked him if he would recommend his plans for me for his mom. He does and he has and the success he created has been remarkable for both her and me.I was a college football player and then a college coach for over 30-plus year. In that light, I admittedly was never smart about money. When Mike and I met, I knew that Mike was the expert I needed to take my funds, put those funds wherever those monies would work best for me. Mike is not reckless. Mike is sound. Mike leans to a conservative but steady flow of income, income not effected and/or negated by the whims and challenge of the stock market.Anyway, Mike confidently took charge of my money issues, issues that I not only wasn’t good at monitoring as well as enthusiastically and meticulously schooling me on everything he was doing every step along the way. He constantly kept (and still keeps) updating me on anything and everything I need to know.Quite frankly? I used to think I was a conscientious man, but Mike’s care and concern has blown me away. During my initial work with Mike, he met with me scores of times. He always was (and is) patient, makes time for me, answers all of many questions and exudes a confidence rarely seen in anyone in any profession. Heck, he even used a white-board to graphically draw and explain his thoughts and plans. He became more of a teacher and a mentor to me than someone looking simply to sell me something. I am hooked. Mike still calls me at least once a week just to check in, to update me on what might be new, to underscore the success of the plan he put in place for me and to simply and many times to just say hello and see how I am doing.I could write/talk about Mike all day and night. I will stop now and ask anyone who may have any questions about Mike’s success to call/email/text me. It’s my opinion that if anyone is searching for the best financial plan / retirement program for him or herself and doesn’t talk to Mike, he/she would be crazy. Needless to say, every person I have ever heard who has ever spoken to Mike has always signed up for his plans, guidance, and care. I am a living, happy and confident example of having and living a great retirement, all because of Mike’s diligence, creativity and care.