To Whom it May Concern,I am writing in regards to my experience with the company Insured Financial Wealth.Mike from IFW, being a friend of my husband, called him one day to see if we would be willing to meet with him to discuss a “get out of debt” plan his company had to offer. Being a skeptic by nature, and having seen too many “too good to be true” programs, I told my husband “sorry, but no, I’m not interested, I don’t have time to waste.” I figured that since I took care of the household bills, I knew what I was doing. Well, my husband didn’t want to hurt Mike’s feelings and after putting him off for a few months, much to my dismay, he finally agreed to stop by the house.The day of the appointment I was reviewing our bills and was frustrated that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to lower our debt. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Even with that frustration, I was annoyed that they were coming, but after listening to them and seeing the numbers on paper I have to admit the program intrigued me. I told them that at this point there had to be a better way and was willing to try anything.Come to find out, his way was better. We have been working for almost two years now and have paid off over $50,000.00 in debt. I should also mention that we have not had to change our lifestyle either. Our personalized financial plan shows that we could be completely debt free within 10 years, including our mortgage, and still be able to send our 2 children to college and retire without financial hardship.Thank you for being patient with a skeptic and providing the tools to obtain a debt free future.